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   I was introduced to the world of visual arts in the year 1996 through my father with photography, and with an old Pentax camera I began to see the world in another way, and from this time I did several related courses, from basic lighting in studio and urban photography, and counting on one of my best qualities being self-taught, I was able to develop rapidly in the world of photography. In the same year I started some studies on digital tools such as image editors (photoshop) and 3D software (3D Studio). I was able to quickly relate my knowledge of compositing and lighting to new technologies and with that, building a technical and artistic foundation that is the foundation of my entire career.

   With my passion for technology, photography, cinema, theater, and the arts, I was prominent in my first work as a designer, being hired by TV GLOBO, one of the largest TV in the world ( /ingles/tv_globo.php) as graphic designer training in 1997, the following year I continued serving the same company as self-employed for another year, and in 1999 I was hired as a designer looking after the creation of the visual identity of fictitious companies that existed in the tv shows. Soon I migrated to ​​3D previsiz area where it helped to conceptualize artistic and technically the sets of numerous tv shows.

   In the year of 2012 I started to run a department related to virtual sets, being a link between set designers and post-production, helping both to creating sets and its finalization.

    In 2016 I decided to accept another challenge in my life and I came to Vancouver to new horizons for myself and my family. I spent a year at Vancouver Film School improving my knowledge in composition, matte painting and some other post-production processes. At the end of my course at the end of 2017, I joined MPC in the 3D DMP / Environment TD department, where I had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the effects market, as well as the pleasure of contributing in Justice League, The Darkest Minds and Aquaman.

   I am currently finishing a freelance job at TV Vanguarda as a set designer for some virtual sets and new design for journalism, and awaiting my next challenge on Canadian soil.

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